Yani Soul Palo Santo the fire stick ( 6 Pieces )

Sale price$14.99


  • Pleasant Smell:- Palo Santo sticks make your soul calm and fill your mind with positive vibes and a pleasing aroma that releases all the negativity from your surroundings.
  • Stress buster:- Yani soul Palo sticks give an immense joy when their delightful aroma diffuses in the environment and makes your mind free from anxiety and stress.
  • 100% Natural and eco-friendly:- Palo Santo sticks are 100% natural and authentic. Our natural Palo Santo sticks are an uncontaminated extension of nature.
  • Spiritual and Divine:- Yani soul Palo Santo sticks make the atmosphere very divine and holistic and vanish all the evil thoughts from your mind. These Palo sticks soothe your consciousness and make your mind stress-free.
  • Perfect Gift! :- You can gift these sticks to your friends, family, and loved ones as these sticks are very soothing, delighted, and has a divine presence. Give that spiritual soul or meditation lover a gift they’ll cherish.

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