Yani Soul Motivational Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush Eco Friendly With Soft Bristles And Vegan Floss Included
Change Your Smile, Change The World - Start your day out right with Yani Soul!

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Our Motivational Bamboo Toothbrushes are designed to bring you a brighter smile and softer bristles for a more enjoyable cleaning experience. Not only will our toothbrush help keep your teeth healthy, but it’s also eco-friendly and zero-waste. We use 100% natural Mao Bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber that is heat-treated to make it water-resistant and prevent the growth of microbes during its use. And when you're done, dispose of it without guilt – this bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable and can be safely returned to the earth in compost. Plus, each set comes with vegan floss (choose from Charcoal or Corn material) for added oral hygiene protection.

Here’s Why You’ll Love This

✔ Eco-Friendly: Our YANI SOUL bamboo toothbrush is designed to be biodegradable and have zero waste. By using a sustainable material like Mao Bamboo, our toothbrushes help reduce your environmental footprint and help protect the earth from pollution.
✔ Soft Bristles: Our toothbrushes come equipped with soft bristles made from vegan materials so that you can have an enjoyable and unfettered brushing experience.
✔ Anti-microbial Handle: Our brush handles are heat treated with carbonization to create a water-resistant finish and prevent the growth of microbes. This ensures that your toothbrush remains as clean and healthy as possible.
✔ Whole Family: With different coloured brushes, our sets make it easy for every member of the family to differentiate their own toothbrushes!

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