Never Used MLVC Hit Air Vest Pro - Black - Large

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Bought New and Never Used!

The Hit-Air MLV is a light weight and cool fitting air vest from Hit-Air! With a newer high speed key ball mechanism, the MLV’s CO2 cartridge can now be deployed in record time, making inflation happen almost instantaneously. The Hit-Air MLV offers the following advantages and much much more:

  • Large Neck Airbag—significantly larger airbag than competitors.
  • Protected Key Box—the inflating mechanism is insulated from dirt and debris which may interfere with its deployment.
  • Ultimate Comfort—the LV negates the need for a long duck tail which can cause discomfort in the saddle due to the hip air bag being concealed in a hidden pocket.
  • Cool Fitting—the open design allows exceptional air flow keeping the rider cool and comfortable.
  • Extremely Light Weight—keeping riders comfortable while wearing the recommended body protector underneath of the LV.
  • Quiet Deployment—helps to prevent your horse from spooking in case of an accidental deployment.
  • Extra air bag behind the cannister

When it to your safety during extreme equestrian sports, trust your protection to Hit-Air with the Hit-Air LV Air Vest.

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