8oz Oil & Butter Bundle Deal

Goddess Butter Scent: Coconut
Goddess Growth Oil Scent: Coconut
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Goddess Butter

This creamy butter is the most effective moisturizing agent you’ll ever come across. It is multitalented, as it can be used anywhere on the body - from your crown to your feet. It penetrates the skin and hair easily to condition, smoothen, and add shine. It also reduces frizz and breakage to the hair.

Goddess Growth Oil

Our Goddess Growth Oil has been created to nourish your scalp and hair by increasing blood circulation, treating dandruff and combating dryness. Our potent oil is jam packed with nutrients that promote longer, thicker, and softer hair. At Ambitious Naturals, we aim to prevent damage, thinning, and balding. Cheers to optimal hair growth! 

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